Book flower



I made a flower out of the book. I split the book in half and made both sides symmetrical to each other. It is interesting because books are made from trees, a part of nature, and I turned a book back into a piece of nature, a flower. To make this project I used a pencil and a sharp knife. I outlined different shapes to be the petals and cut them out. Each petal resembled a petal from a Chrysanthemum. I believe I replicated the flower well and in a creative way. It would be cool to see what the sculpture would look like if each petal was the same shape, however I like the way I made it. If I had more time, I would color the flower to make it bright and colorful.


Trinity Knot


For this piece I set out to create a trinity knot, a traditional Celtic symbol, out of a book. For the piece I found a technique, which involved folding the pages of books in trapezoids of various sizes and angles to create lines that in the video, wrote words. In this case I wanted to create a symbol and the technique worked all the same to do that. The first step in creating the symbol in the book is to put the image you want to create into Photoshop and then run as many vertical lines through the image that its width will allow. With this template you must now select the book with the right amount of pages for all the folds. This is the part I struggled most with because I wanted to center the symbol as well as I could in the book but calculating the exact number of folds proved to be difficult and sometimes the numbering of the book’s pages was done irregularly throwing off the calculation. This was the problem I encountered with my second book where I even knew the exact amount of fold that I needed. Next by folding the corners to the outline of the part of the symbol I was trying to create over and over I was able to create the knot. If I was to go about any aspect of the piece differently I would without a doubt try to center the symbol in the book’s pages better. All in all I am very pleased with the way the symbols came out in the books, but my only disappointments with the piece is their placement.


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