Imitation Drawing, KAMAL

For my one hundred project, I chose to work with two materials; both wire and cable ties. I had a hard time deciding what to do, since my original material was nails. Finally, I decided to recreate a doodle I made on my way to Florida in one of my notebooks.

I started by building a frame/outline out of wire. This was the most painful thing EVER. I was really impressed with how it turned out because it really resembled the doodle. I bent the little wire segments in the piece outward to create more of a three-dimensional effect. After completing the frame out of wire, I built a stand for the piece but decided I didn’t like it in the end. Having completed my frame completely, I started placing cable ties on my piece; that was my one hundred component. I strategically placed the cable ties in each section so that there would be a consecutive black-white pattern in each row.  Once I saw that the cable ties were filling up most of the space, I decided to experiment and leave a few hanging below, just straight.

Overall, I would totally work with wire again. The final product wasn’t what I expected aesthetic wise, but I still like the look. I think it’s a really cool abstract(ish) interpretation of a doodle. I would actually even hang it in my own room.


Moving Forward with Positivity


In this project, I aimed to create a dress at first, with unique and intricate design. Later on while trying to make the dress stand up on it’s own, I realized that a person, or mannequin would be the perfect kind structure to hold it up. The person in the dress is in a pose that means a lot to me, for it stands for positivity. To me, crossing your arms or hunching are symbols of vulnerability in your everyday life. Posture can effect your confidence, and I have experienced instances where it has affected me personally. As a result, I wanted to create a symbol that represented a positive mindset for myself.

Personally, the most enjoyable part for me was creating the bottom of the dress. Coincidentally, it was also the most frustrating part. Using the drill constantly had me  ready to move on to another step. Overall, this project was really enjoyable though because of my past experience with wire. I loved creating a stop motion that displayed my piece in a whole new way. I almost reminds me of a Target ad.


Wire Sculpture Artist Statement

Wire Sculpture Artist Statement

Sculpture: A

Michael Mendelson


The candle that I have made resembled a piece of my families history. My great grandparents had an old candle that we use on special holidays. We always use the candle in its old wax drip catcher. The candle was very dear to my grandparents so that is why we only light it on special holidays because we want the candle to last for a long time. My grandparents got the candle on their 50th anniversary from my grandfathers brother who got the candle from a magician Poland. The magician said that the candle would bring good will to all who lit it. The candle was carefully handcrafted out of basil and thyme and it burns for up to 235 hours.


I was able to make this candle sculpture by getting a thicker wire that can bend easily. The sculpture took lots of planning and multiple tries. I tried to make the candle in three different designs but only one of them truly looked the way I wanted it to look. I made the shaft of the candle by bending a wire and making into a coil. I made the flame of the candle by bending a short wire into a flame type shape. I attached the flame to the shaft of the candle by bending a thinner wire into a loop. Then I stuck the flame into the loop and then attached the loop to the coil. I made the wax drip catcher by making a tight coil to the bottom and then I popped the rest of the coil out to make the bowl shape.