Bottle caps 100 Project By: Jessica Maurice

I started off the project wanting to make a sculpture with bottle caps the resembled a hanging wind chime. I accomplished this, even though I ran into a few obstacles, one of them being that my sculpture broke and tangled together. I started off making a base of bottle caps. Then I made strings of bottle caps tied together, with some being longer than others. I attached the string to the base of bottle caps and used string on the top so that I could hang it. Then to photograph my work, I used wire to hang it from the ceiling, so that it would capture the essence of a wind chime. I think that I did well at moving on through my obstacles and being able to adapt to the given situation. I learned from my mistakes and I was able to complete each aspect of the project and assemble them all together. For the next project, I want to plan ahead more so that I will have a better idea what my final product will look like.



(when my project got tangled)