Wire Clothespin


For my wire sculpture I set out to create a visual representation of a clothespin using various widths of wire. To do this I first had to visualize the shape of the actual object and using contour drawing, create a large-scale model of my object. After finding the best way to assemble to wire, I created four large sidewalls to the two clamps of the clothespin. From there I made smaller brackets to hold the walls together. I also used thinner wire to tie around the binding part of the bracket to keep the whole piece steady. With both clamps build I used thin wire to hold the two objects together. From there I used the thickest wire to build the coil in the center of the two clamps. The hardest aspect of the piece to execute was the inner coil. This was difficult because I did no make the clamps perfectly identical so the coil looked somewhat awkward lying unevenly in the clothespin. If I wanted to go about an aspect of the project in a different way, it would be to create more identical framework to build the clothespin with. This would have helped the rest of the piece come together in a more symmetrical way. I am very pleased with the way the piece came out and this piece was definitely the most difficult project of the year. I am very pleased to have a greater understanding of the pliability of wire.

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