Imitation Drawing, KAMAL

For my one hundred project, I chose to work with two materials; both wire and cable ties. I had a hard time deciding what to do, since my original material was nails. Finally, I decided to recreate a doodle I made on my way to Florida in one of my notebooks.

I started by building a frame/outline out of wire. This was the most painful thing EVER. I was really impressed with how it turned out because it really resembled the doodle. I bent the little wire segments in the piece outward to create more of a three-dimensional effect. After completing the frame out of wire, I built a stand for the piece but decided I didn’t like it in the end. Having completed my frame completely, I started placing cable ties on my piece; that was my one hundred component. I strategically placed the cable ties in each section so that there would be a consecutive black-white pattern in each row.  Once I saw that the cable ties were filling up most of the space, I decided to experiment and leave a few hanging below, just straight.

Overall, I would totally work with wire again. The final product wasn’t what I expected aesthetic wise, but I still like the look. I think it’s a really cool abstract(ish) interpretation of a doodle. I would actually even hang it in my own room.


Alexis & Alessandra’s Favorite Sculptures

We admire The David because the marble really compliments his body. We also like this sculpture because it’s a classic. We liked the second sculpture, The Kiss, because it’s full of passion and emotion. We also liked it because it may seem simple, yet it is full of details if you really examine it. Our last piece of a large head, is a modern piece from the streets of Paris. We liked this piece because it’s very abstract and interactive. It’s also unlike any other sculpture which makes it unique. Alexis took this picture.