Bop It! Twist It! Pull It!

For my wire project I chose to recreate a bop it. As a young child I was really into active games. I would spend the warm-weather days outside riding my unicycle, rollerblades and pogo stick. I remember being so happy when I received a bop it for Christmas in fourth grade because then I had something to do when I was trapped inside during the winter. For Latin’s fifth grade Lorado Taft trip I brought it along and it was a very uniting game.

I started off by using the drill to form a twisted wire which I then swirled into a cone to make it more structurally stable. Then I took two wires to created the “bop it” portion and attempted to mimic a wheel. then i took four wires and rapped a skinnier wire around it to create the actual structure of the bop it. There were a lot of challenges I faced during this project. Manipulating the wire deemed much more challenging than I initially thought it would be. However, through patience and trial and error I achieved it. Being semi-allergic to the oil covering the wire was also a hassle but gloves fixed that.