Soap and Plaster Project

When I first heard about the project we were assigned, I had trouble coming up with an idea I was truly passionate about creating a piece about. I eventually decided to symbolize overdosing through a hand holding a single pill, which has grown to be an important part of my life, as my aunt’s best friend overdosed. Though I was not close to my aunts best friend, the devastation I saw through my aunt greatly affected me. Through the use of a single pill, I aimed to suggest that it is a topic not often talked about, yet having a great impact on so many people all over the world. In the actual process of creating my pill, it wasn’t extremely challenging to carve. I successfully created a pill that I am proud of.  The challenging part for me in this project was molding my hand. When I got my first hand back and carved it out of the mold, a finger had fallen off and the details were not very apparent in my hand. I also realized that my fingers were too close together and would not be able to hold the pill that I created. I then re-molded my hand and had a much more detailed and precise version of my hand, but four of the five fingers had fallen off. With help, I was luckily able to glue the fingers back on and end up with a successful piece. The space between the two fingers holding the pill worked out and I was able to rest it between them nicely. If I were to do this assignment again, I would definitely make sure I would be working more diligently and paying very close attention to what I am doing because the pieces are fragile and the slightest distraction can cost an assignment. For me, this project wasn’t extremely challenging, though I do not think that carving soap is something I am particularly talented at. After completing this assignment, I was able to grasp an idea of using my own body to create a piece and my perspective on my original idea of sculpture has changed. As a conclusion to this assignment, I can come out appreciating the ability I was given to take something that really mattered to me and symbolize that through soap and my actual hand.

Soap Project Zach Sessions

In this project, I set out to create a sculpture that addresses the corruption and gambling issues that our country faces. I quickly found out how difficult it was to brainstorm what I wanted to do with the soap. I quickly adapted, by using a thinner blade to carve out my soap and using a template, both quick improvements in the quality and similarity of my soap sculptures. My creative and original styles that I carved on my second and third poker chip really looked much nicer than more traditional designs of chips. In the future, I need to be more careful with my tools and materials. I think I can build off of some of the techniques and ideas I learned from this project towards the next couple sculptures. If I did this project again, I’d have better skills going into it, which would help me complete it faster, and and more efficiently. Being malleable like it is, soap presents difficulties with how soft and breakable it is. The ability to be firm enough to get done what is needed, but not so much that it damages the piece was a big challenge. This project definitely helped teach me more of an artist’s touch; which, I think is going to put me in a place to succeed in upcoming projects. I felt that this issue, corruption and gambling, is a big problem. I have a friend who had started to develop a bit of a gambling problem, on sports games. As a his friend, I’ve been helping him out, and he’s gotten a little better. The thing is, I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with the same thing. I could see the problems it was presenting him, but he couldn’t stop. Corruption is also a pretty big issue to me. Our state has also historically had a pretty apparent and bad corruption. It has really costed us as a state in the whole of the economy. I know a man who lives two blocks away from my house who the most recent Blagojevich corruption issues caused him to lose his house, his family, and his way of life. It really does have direct consequences that can even be seen around our city. For these reasons, I chose to have my sculpture represent corruption and gambling.