Land Art

This work was inspired by Robert Smithson. He created a piece that was a swirl containint different colors in a lake. In my piece, I used different colored leaves and swirled them around a part a tree. Creating a piece outside made me realize that that it is very stressful and can be very frustrating because you can’t control the weather so the leaves and other pieces easily fell apart. When this happened, I had to recreate my piece several times which was very frustrating. Overall, it was a different experience that was very interesting.

Alexis & Alessandra’s Favorite Sculptures

We admire The David because the marble really compliments his body. We also like this sculpture because it’s a classic. We liked the second sculpture, The Kiss, because it’s full of passion and emotion. We also liked it because it may seem simple, yet it is full of details if you really examine it. Our last piece of a large head, is a modern piece from the streets of Paris. We liked this piece because it’s very abstract and interactive. It’s also unlike any other sculpture which makes it unique. Alexis took this picture.