House of Cards

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I created a house of cards. This sculpture is in the shape of the capitol building. Just like the show House of Cards, this sculpture comments on politics. The phrase is to talk about how politics are a kind of game, and if there is one wrong move, everything could crumble. I also intentionally used red and blue cards. The viewer can interpret it however they chose, but to me, the colors represent that both major political parties are mostly separated but they have to come together to run the country. 

In order the make this sculpture, I bought 4 packs of cards (so in the end I used 208 cards). I used the reference image above, and attempted to scale the building to a much smaller size. I then stacked the cards two rows high. In order to create the base for the dome I arranger the cards in a circle, folded on top of each other. In order to construct the dome, first, I soaked the cards in hot water to make them moldable. Then, I arranged the cards on a sphere and lathered them in Yes Glue.

I had to come up with a design as I went because I had no specific instructions on how to construct the bases. Because of this, there were many times where I had to remove a card from the sculpture after I had already hot glued it down. If I could do the sculpture again, I would make sure I knew what I was doing before using the hot glue. My only complaint about the sculpture is that I wish it were more clean. This would come from less tearing of cards post hot glue.



The Beans, Flerlage

The Beans, Bella Flerlage


I began to think about materials for this project around a week before starting and came up with the idea of making a human heart out of one hundred objects, but as class went on and we experimented I liked the way that coffee beans worked with my object. I selected a brain because it is a vital part of the body and has always intrigued me. I began taking the coffee beans and hot gluing them in different ways. The strategy that ended up working for me was gluing in rows which then I could attach together.  I struggled with gluing them perfectly together without extra glue leaking or burning myself. But as time went on, I got work done efficiently. After my rows were complete I was able to go back and add to it. Through all of the complications and obstacles, I was able to accomplish a piece that I never would have expected myself to complete. Though I had to restart a few times, I learned to problem solve and be efficient with my work. This type of artwork with multiples is definitely something I am going to try again because I really like experimenting with different objects.


Artist statement:

As I created my coffee brain, I completed a piece that allowed me to be creative and use different problem solving skills. Our task was to complete a piece with multiples, which was different from the work we have done in the past. When selecting, I felt that coffee beans was something that would be just the right amount of a challenge for me. Also, coffee is something that many people rely on, on a daily basis and it is a stimulator for the brain and can be highly addictive. Caffeine can be highly addictive, yet it is still widely used throughout the world. I think it was an interesting object to select, and was never something I would have thought that would be able to  turn into an object. As a result of my coffee brain, I want to be able to get creative with everyday objects and experiment with more multiples projects. Through this project, I learned how different objects work well with one another and to keep trying until you end up with a piece that you like. After doing this assignment, I now feel that I am able to work through my struggles better and get creative with new materials.

*also as a bonus because I liked experimenting, I chose to create a brain made out of sprinkles as well.


Tied Up Box

For my multiples project, I used dowel rods to create a box along with a base. To bring everything together, I used hot glue and string. I wanted to create something that was somewhat versatile. With this sculpture, it can be used as a box, or decoration- it’s even portable.

In the beginnings of the project, I hard a difficult time figuring out what to do to begin. I looked at toothpicks in the beginning, but with the guidance of Ms. Kerrigan, I switched to dowel rods. In order to make the dowel rods short, I used a saw to cut it all up, which took a long while. I wish I could have found a more efficient way to divide up the dowel rods so I could have had more time in class to assemble the sculpture. After using the saw, I assembled the sculpture using linen string and a hot glue gun. I tied the string around the dowel rods and glued it so it would stay in place. To add more detail to the sculpture, in the front, I wanted to assemble the dowel rods to create triangles and other shapes. I wanted to add more elements to the sculpture. Because I had more dowel rods to used, I created a base for the sculpture. I crossed the dowel rods, and tied pairs to hold up the sculpture. Thus, I created my sculpture.

In the end, I wish that I was neater in creating my project, and I also wish that I could’ve made it sturdier. I think that it wasn’t very strong because I originally intended to make the sculpture more of a basket, so when I made it more of a box, that affected my work. I also would have been more efficient had I planned more effectively. In the end, I had to improvise a bit and figure out what to do at that moment. Although, I am happy with the way it came out. I am glad that this was how I finished sculpture this semester.

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