Ninja Star Tree

IMG_1032IMG_1034IMG_1035To begin, my ninja star idea had been something that I stuck to during the entire project time period. The ninja stars, when the 100 object idea was announced for the first time, was the first think I thought about. These objects hold an emotional connection with me as it reminds me of my past. It reminds me of my 6th grade, when this transforming star origami was popular.

Besides this, crafting the ninja stars was rewarding because each piece required a lot of time, effort, and precision. The original design idea was to make a 100 ninja star blanket/ mat. After close inspection of the ninja star’s property of having the center hole, Ms. Kerrigan gave me the idea to make each ninja star move. From there, the “gear” idea rose from that. This idea was based off of one controlled star, that would be able to move another store with it’s points, and that star would move the next, and so on. After many days of working on improving the gear idea, I learned that the paper was too weak to work against the resistance formed from all the ninja stars being controlled by one.

Finally, the real sculptor in me came out, and I was able to come up with the working sculpture idea of a tree and some plants. This idea came to me from an original plan that I had created when I first began this project. There is different meanings, depending on how someone looks at it. However, I see a lonely tree that can move many stars, surrounded by plants that do not look like it (because they are way smaller) with only one star. To bring this into the real world, there are people who feel lonely and out of place, and sometimes people overlook their skills and traits.

I can say that this sculpture project definitely tested my patience way more than any other art project up to this point. There were a lot of stressful moments when I was frustrated. Sometimes I was angry that a ninja star would not fold right, and other times I felt discouraged because the stars would not work like gears. I was tested throughout this project to overcome every obstacle thrown out at me, but overall, this project has taught me that being an artist means being someone that can solve problems that they face. It has also taught me that discomfort is the only way I will become a better artist, and furthermore, a better thinker. Because of this project, I have learned better strategies to creating different solutions.

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