Where’s My Water?

So many people, especially in third world countries go for days without having access to clean water and are forced to ration it out. Water is something that many Americans take for granted. For my project I chose to represent wasted water and how Americans are not taking into consideration that it is not an unlimited source. I wanted to bring awareness by creating this sculpture. With the recent hurricanes that have occurred, I thought what better than to do a project on water. Not only is water now sparse in third world countries but now in our nation.  

An insight I gained was that sometimes your project will not always go as planned. However, using practice and patience I was able to finish my project in a perfect amount of time.  I also learned that if you have an idea for something, stick to your instinct and try as hard as you can to achieve the outcome that you want. I am more appreciative towards art because I see that the true meaning behind the piece is more important than how it physically looks. I want to continue developing into an artist. I think I am a mere amateur and I hope to achieve higher artistic skills.


As I am heading off to college I want to still be exposed to art all around. I want to continue looking around me for art, since everything can be art.

I think I did a good job coming up with a solution for sticking the tears together. I was also able to find a way to paint the tears blue without all of the paint rubbing off. If I did this again, I would spend a little more time perfecting my teardrop shapes. I think that they were a unique size and I wish I could have painted them more detailed. Work in this course connects with other classes in the sense that we were addressing issues. All the time, especially in history class we are talking about what is wrong with the world. Which, to me, is fascinating.


Emma. H

Soap Carving Project

The issue that I decided to show through my soap carving is mass incarceration by carving handcuffs. My sister rewrote the bill for mass incarceration and prison standards for her senior project last year, but before that, Shaka Senghor came to Latin to talk about the issue of mass incarceration, and as a result of that we watched the documentary 13 which is about the prison system and mass incarceration. There were a lot of facts and numbers that stood out to me, but the most prominent fact was the one about how 1 out of every 3 black men will go to prison. Mass incarceration is a huge problem in America, and although it doesn’t directly affect me, I care strongly about it and want to change it. A big challenge that I had was to make the handcuffs the right size to fit around my wrist. I tried to be as accurate as possible by measuring my wrist in wire and trying to carve the handcuffs around that. Another challenge was getting the mold big enough to fit my wrist in it, which meant having to do my casting twice. My last challenge in this project was my handcuff breaking in two and having to use wire to put the parts together. Overall, I had many complications with the project but I was able to take a picture and I was happy how it turned out.


Consensus & Solidarity, NOOR KAMAL

In this ivory soap sculpture with a plaster hand as a showcase for it, I aimed to create a bottle of glue being treasured in one’s cupped hands. Delicately carving the soap, I successfully indented precise details that were essential to making a glue bottle look like one. Using tools designated for small designs was my favorite part of creating the sculpture, because they were almost like putting the ‘final touches’ or my own spin to the bottle. In order to create a mold of the cupped hands, I had to submerge my hands into cold, purple alginate. The plaster was poured in and hardened after a couple days. Peeling the hardened alginate off to get to my plaster hands was most-likely my least favorite part, because I hated the jelly-like feeling of the alginate. Once I put the sculpture on the plaster hands, I felt extremely satisfied; I wanted to create a sculpture that really encapsulated something involving current events, and got one! For me, this sculpture has personal meaning as well as a universal one. The glue represents solidarity and the bonds between our nation, and the hands treasuring it show how precious these bonds are. With all that is happening around the nation right now, it is almost like our nation is divided; in order to glue it back together we must demonstrate trust, love, and work against fear. We the people must redefine the idea of a nation, for one nation cannot be splintered at this crucial time. As a Muslim woman of color, I hope that our country continues to follow the path of love, and abolishes current misconceptions. I hope that we can get rid of fear, and confront it too. I hope that we can really, truly, become one.

Jack Brophy, Royal Pine Scent


In my piece I wanted to convey the conflict of deforestation using the hard hat made of soap, as well as show, with the nose, how appreciating nature will become harder in time. The 8.5 x 11 is the dimensions of regular copy paper which is a prime cause of deforestation and is easily relatable to the viewer. I feel the nose was a big accomplishment as it was outside my comfort zone and turned out quite nice. I also carved out the inside of the hardhat cleanly without making it too thin. The biggest challenge was the lid as it needed to be thin but also connect properly with the outside of the hat. If I were to this again I would plan out the soap better before hand in order to keep the dimensions realistic.


Here is where we took a mold of my nosephotophoto 1photo 2

Lips Soap Project


Sex trafficking is a major problem in our world, and it’s still discussed as a very taboo topic. It is being talked about a lot more in the news and social media lately, but it should be talked about a lot more seeing as how there are around 4.5 million people forced into sex trafficking according to the Polaris Project. In Chicago, many organizations have been making huge strides in stopping sex trafficking. One example is CAASE, according to their website they have recently passed the Justice for Victims of Sex Trafficking Crimes Act as well as being involved in locating many different sex trafficking rings. Despite all the great efforts made by CAASE and many of organizations like them, I felt as though the lack of conversation surrounding this topic is still an issue. That’s what lead me to creating lips with a barcode engraved on them because people who are forced into sex trafficking often have a barcode tattooed on them so that the rings can keep track of them. This project really helped me improve my sculpting techniques. Going in I didn’t know what kinds of tools to use or how to make different textures. After awhile, I learned how to smooth out certain parts and how to curve the lips. I did a pretty good job with going slow while sculpting. However, I didn’t do a great job with planning out what I wanted my sculpture to look like at the end. If I were to do it again I would do a better job of planning it out; I would do this by drawing all six sides of the end product and not just four sides. One part of this project that went pretty smoothly was the casting. I was lucky enough to only have to cast my hand once, and I found the process fairly easy. While working on this project I realized how relevant sculpture was in my everyday life. Just like how I need to go slow when I’m sculpting, I also need to take my time on tests and quizzes. 

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Charlton : Large Fries


This project allowed me to have a new insight when it comes to creating art. I learned that patience is a necessity.  That an ok artist can look professional if he takes his time.  I spent a lot of time on this project in order to feel satisfied with every detail.  I never let myself become frustrated with my work, knowing that would occur in a lack of focus, resulting in a possibly mishap. Even after taking my time I had a lot of challenges figuring out how I was going to create a full 3D image.  Due to the fact that I did not want to mess up, I spent a lot of time drawing and laying out how I was going to carve it, before I started the work.  This made me realize that I need to make a a plan before I start the actual creating portion. I believe that I did very well.  I took my time and tried to add a lot of detail that I am happy with.  The cast of my hand came out very well and together they make a very good pair. I couldn’t have been happier with how this project turned out.  The lessons that I have learned during this process will help me in other areas of school.  I can’t rush any work.  Taking my time will help me limit mistakes, that can potentially be fatal.  I will also try and think about my work before I start, whether that is brainstorming or making a formal outline.  This will help me stay organized and help me figure out the steps I should take.

I chose the topic of obesity because it is a very important issue, that for a while had gone unnoticed.  According to the National Institute of Health, 35% of U.S. adults are obese and nearly 32% of children are obese, where the percentage of children aged 6–11 years in the United States who were obese increased from 7% in 1980 to nearly 18% in 2012. Obesity is so much more then health.  It affects people physically as well as mentally. Obese people start to become self-conscious.  In general organizations are making the problem of obesity aware, and food companies are trying to limit the amount of fat in their products.  Even though things are starting to change, people still need to be aware.

Dice in Hand

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.08.14 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.08.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-02-02 at 3.06.39 PM

I set out to create a visual representation of my family from an emotional perspective. I wanted to capture the randomness of my parent’s mood on any given day with metaphorical dice in an open hand. Any random roll can give way to numbers of possibilities, just like their emotions can be anything on any day. I found the layout of a standard six-sided die and, over the course of several days and bars of soap, carved the most intricate indented cubes I could. The creation of the cubes was the most difficult aspect of the project. Trying to create identical sides of a cube by slowly shaving away at the soap was very challenging. Whether the soap just crumpled under the force of the knife or my cube was noticeably lopsided, I found myself restarting over and over to perfect my dice. With my cubes finished I molded my hand into a position that was best to accommodate the space taken up by both dice. I felt that my final product and photographic representation of my work are very well done however something I need to work on moving forward is my patience. I often found myself rushing into various aspects of the project, often ruining them and needing to restart. I felt like I definitely could’ve executed this project more smoothly and maybe even better if I took my time more on the sculpting and molding process. Overall as my first piece I am very pleased and it has given me the experience to approach my future projects with knowledge of certain materials and sculpting tools.

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